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Our Beliefs

Statement of Faith

As a Christian-focused camp facility, Tonto Rim Christian Camp adheres to a strict statement of faith. We ask all groups to read and acknowledge this statement of faith and agree to do nothing by word, act, or deed that is contrary to our beliefs. We invite you to contact us with any questions regarding this policy.


Tonto Rim Christian Camp, in accordance with the historic Baptist tradition, holds to Believers Baptism by Immersion, Liberty of Conscience, the Separation of Church and State, and the Priesthood of the Believer. We also affirm the following distinctive which need emphasis at the present time:

I. The Authority of Scripture

The Bible is the inspired, authoritative and infallible Word of God and is our sole rule of faith and practice. It is the standard by which all human conduct and creeds should be tried.

II. The Trinity

There is only one true and living God who is manifested in three eternal and coequal person; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God possesses holiness, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, love, mercy, and all other perfections. All humankind owed to Him supreme faith and obedience.

III. Humankind

Humankind has been created in the image of God but through Adam’s fall is now sinful, lost and condemned. By deliberate choice all participate in sin, which is open rebellion to God’s law. Notwithstanding the fall, all human life through creation has value and dignity.

IV. Justification by Faith

Human beings can be forgiven of sin and justified solely through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ who died for sinners and rose again from the dead. Only by repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ the Lord can acceptance with God be attained.

V. Regeneration

Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit by which the believer receives a new nature from God. Christian growth or sanctification is the continuation of the new life principle, which begins in the new birth.

VI. The Church

The church in its widest sense includes all believers of all ages. The church is manifested visibly in the local body of baptized believers who covenant together to worship, observe the ordinances, and evangelize.

VII. Human Destiny

Jesus Christ will eventually return visibly at which time He will raise the dead and judge all people. Believers will enjoy an eternal state of blessedness in heaven while unbelievers will experience eternal separation from God in hell.

VIII. Evangelism and Social Concern

The church has been called to preach the gospel so that individual people can receive salvation. Also the church is to become involved in the improvement of society by advocating biblical principles which militate against poverty, racism, violence, and all forms of injustice against humankind.

IX. Human Sexuality

God’s design is that man and woman either be joined together in a perpetual monogamous relationship or live in a single state. Extra-marital sex, adultery and homosexuality are inconsistent with biblical teaching.

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