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Here are some select testimonials from satisfied campers at Tonto Rim Christian Camp.


"A very nice place, the staff is very friendly, the cabins are clean, the service is good and the food is delicious."

Diana Baten


"Had a great time doing our church family camp here this year. Staff was amazing and facilities were awesome. 10/10 would recommend."

Malachi Cyr


"This is one of my favorite places. We have been here three times now with my church and I love this cute! I get great exercise all weekend everyone has tons of fun and the chapel is perfectly located right next to the gym :-) everything about this place is wonderful."

Andrea Guy

"Great camp and great people running it. Really helpful and has tons of stuff to do. The hikes are great. We hope to be back next year, paying for more activities like paintball, Zipline, and so on. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone!"

Cooper DeMar Craig

"I spent the weekend at a men’s encounter/retreat and the setting was amazing. The cabins are just right, hot running water in the showers, great a/v equipment and the cafeteria food has great taste. The camp staff has a good attitude and is easy to work with! I highly recommend it."

Jezreel Ramirez

"Was here for aeadership event. Amazing staff who looked after our every need with a smile on their face. Loved the food and greatly appreciated the free-flowing hot chocolate late at night or early mornings.  Loved gathering around the fireplace!"

Natalie Head

"If you are looking for a beautiful camp in the wilderness for a family getaway, this is the place you are looking for! The entire property is beyond gorgeous and all of the staff are super friendly. You can absolutely feel God’s presence. Hands down the best camp in the area. The food is amazing and all of the cabins are pristine. I came to this camp for a church encounter and can’t wait to return this year!!"

Amanda Holland

"We have taken our youth group here for years. Also a wonderful place all around. The staff is helpful and enjoy serving. Very Christ centered."

Dan Leonard

"The experience was beautiful. It was truly a memorable time. The nature and the animals were worth the view. The staff were very kind, allowing us to use their gym, chapel and dining hall."

Elizabeth Magda

"Our Retreat this week was powerful. The staff goes out of there way to be helpful. The food was fantastic. And the setting in the Mountains of Payson is absolutely beautiful! Thank You, Tonto Rim Christian Camp."

Mark Hampton

"Really good service at Tonto Rim camp. We enjoyed our time here immensely. The installations are comfortable and the food is great. The staff is capable, friendly and organized. They know what they're doing. The beauty of God's creation is easily appreciated at Tonto Rim Camp.


The beautiful sky, majestic elk and fascinating caves are a testimony to our Creator design."

Nathan and Misty Marr

"Great camp! Beautiful cabins! Hiking to an amazing cave and slide rock into the creek. Food is good. Good campus to host family camps and more!"

Phil Guy

"Tonto Rim is an excellent campground with super friendly staff.  If your church, business or family needs a place to have summer camp, meetings, or a reunion, I highly recommend this place."

Brian Beachy

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